Starter Motor to TOYOTA Hiace Hilux 3L 5L 5LE 2.2L 2.4L 2.8L 3.0L Dies

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Starter Motor to TOYOTA HiAce Hilux , Dyna etc. starter motor 

Color difference maybe noticeable than the picture on ad .

This is brand new starter Motor with 1 year Warranty 

This starter motor is 11 teeth 

12V, 2.0KW,  , Clockwise,  fits on engine: 2L, 3L, 5L Diesel

Replaces Part Numbers :

DENSO 128000-8141 128000-8142 128000-9590 128000-9591 128000-9592 1280008141 1280008142 1280009590 1280009591 1280009592

TOYOTA 28100-54070 28100-54290 28100-54100 28100-54080 2810054070 2810054290 2810054100 2810054080


Fits the following vehicle but use part number to crosscheck before purchase :

4Runner LR60 eng.2L 2.4L Diesel 84-85;

4Runner LR61 eng.2L 2.4L Diesel 85-89;

4Runner LR61 eng.3L 2.8L Diesel 85-96;

Blizzard Eng. 2.2L Diesel 82-83;

Bandera LJ70 eng.2L-T 2.4L Diesel 85-91;

Dyna 150 Series LY211 Eng. 3L 2.8L 94-01;

Dyna 150 Series LY230R Eng. 5L 3.0L 01-05;

Dyna 150 Series LY61R Eng. 2L 2.4L 88-95;

Dyna 150 Series LY61R Eng. 3L 2.8L 88-95;

Hi-Ace LH11, LH20, LH30, LH50, LH60, LH70 Eng. 2.2L 81-84;

Hi-Ace LH51, LH61, LH71 eng.2L 2.4L 84-89;

Hi-Ace LH103, LH113, LH125 eng.3L 2.8L 89-00;

Hi-Ace LH162, LH172, LH184R eng.5L 3.0L 00-05;

Hi-Lux LN40, LN46R, LN55 Eng. 2.2L Diesel 79-89;

Hi-Lux LN56, LN60, LN61, LN65, LN65R, LN85, LN86 eng.2L 2.4L 83-97;

Starter Motor to TOYOTA HiAce Hilux L 3L 5L 5LE 2.2L 2.4L 2.8L 3.0L Diesel 2.0KW including Surf eng.3L 2.8L 89-97;

Hi-Lux LN147, LN165, LN167, LN172 eng.3L, 5LE 3.0L 97-05

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